Friday, 20th April 2018

Early in the morning we sailed out the fjord on our 10 o'clock rib boat tour. We had quite the adventure today. North of Hjalteyri we encountered two Sei Whales that seemed to be feeding. Sei Whales have a unique feeding technique, what they do is skim and swallow the surface animals such as krill and other tiny marine animals. We had quite the joyful time with these amazing individuals. Later today we sailed again out on a bigger boat from the harbor at Árskógssandur at 1 o'clock to see what we might find. Close to Hjalteyri we encountered few pods of the Harbor Porpoises. Some pods were playing in the bow waves from our boat and others coming up to the surface few times before diving down. We had a good time with these individuals. Unfortunately we did not see any bigger cetaceans in the tour so we offered our passenger a complimentary tickets to come again for free within two years, both within our company here in Akureyri as well as in Reykjavík and hope they will be able to see the giant whales in their next tour. 

Text by Anna Gunnarsdóttir and pictures by Babsi Neubarth