We saw Blue Whale!!

Today we sailed out on a beautiful afternoon, the weather was nice and the sea condition were good. However we sailed a bit far out the fjord and closer to the open sea were it got a little rougher. On our way out the fjord we enjoyed the sightseeing however we had a lot of sea ice in the beginning that we had to sail trough, close to Hrólfssker we encountered a pod of White-Beaked Dolphins and had a nice time with them. Further out the fjord we saw a big blow coming out of the water and there we encountered a Blue Whale. The biggest creature that has lived on the planet and with the whale we had a really nice time. Its quite rare to see the Blue whale here in our fjord so today was unique and amazing like usual. We ended our tour by docking in the harbor at Árskógssandur, and every one got a ride with the bus to Akureyri.  

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir.