Saturday, 24th March 2017

Today we sailed out from Akureyri harbor on our 9 o'clock tour. The weather was good and so was the sea condition. Our warm overalls, heated salon and hot drinks available on board were highly appreciated.  As we headed to the open sea we got big swells and unfortunately some of the passenger got sea sick. On our way back in the fjord next to the lighthouse at Hrólfssker we had a very cute sighting. A baby humpback whale approximately one year old was swimming there. We had such a nice time with this individual as it came up every 3-4 minutes to breath, giving us a great time looking at him as he went down for a dive showing us his beautiful fluke. On our way back the sea had calmed so we had a nice boat ride all the way to Akureyri. Great day here in the fjord with the cetaceans. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir.