Wednesday, 21st March 2018

Today we sailed out on a beautiful day from Árskógsströnd on our 1 o‘clock tour ready for the adventure we had coming. Early in the tour we spotted a Harbor Porpoise and stayed there for little time before we headed further out the fjord to look for other cetaceans.  The sea condition was good today but as we were closer to the open sea we had small swells. We had to sail to the entrance of the fjord to find a whale, what we found there was the third biggest cetaceans in the sea, the Sei Whale. We had such a good time with this individual, and before we knew, another Sei Whale showed up just next to the one we were looking at. They were coming up quite a lot and close to our boat. A wonderful encounter we had today with these amazing giants here in the fjord today. On the way back to the harbor we had a nice spotting of the Harbor Porpoises again in the end of the tour. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir.