Monday, 19th March 2018

As soon as we sailed out from Árskógssandur harbor on our 1 o‘clock tour, we saw a big pod of Harbor Porpoises just few meters from the boat, a great way to start the tour. We sailed further out and at the end of the fjord we encountered another animal, this time it was the Sei Whale that came up quite a lot. Further out in the sea we saw a really big spout coming out of the water and there we encountered the amazing Blue whale, we had a great time with that individual as the whale came up very close to our boat. To have this biggest animal that has ever lived on the earth up close is magical. As we sailed back into the fjord we had nice surprise close to Hrólfssker were we encountered fifty or sixty White Beaked Dolphins and had a nice time with them, they were very playful often breaching and tail slapping, and with them we saw the Fin Whale, the second biggest animal to have lived on earth. Quite amazing day we had today with these five different species of cetaceans here in our fjord!

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir