Saturday 17th March 2018

Today we sailed out from Árskógssandur harbor on our 1 o‘clock tour, the weather was good with some fog covering parts of the fjord. Our warm overalls, heated saloon and hot drinks available on board were good in today‘s weather condition. As we sailed closer to the open sea, the sea state was not the best, we had heavy swell there and unfortunately some passenger did not feel to good. However we had quite the surprise south of Hrólfssker were we encountered hundreds if not close to thousands of Dolphins and with them we had a great time, they were playful jumping and tail slapping all around our boat. On our way back to Árskógssandur we also saw two Humpback whales. With them we had such a nice time, it looked like they were surface feeding when we saw them. They swam all around out boat close to us and because the sea condition was great there, we even got to see them when they were swimming under the water. Amazing day here in our fjord with the cetaceans!

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir