Monday, 12 March 2018

Today we sailed out in a lovely weather at our 1 o'clock tour. The sea condition was good and there for the sailing great. Early in the tour we had a lot of sea ice in the area, we had to sail carefully through that area. South of Hrísey we saw a Humpback whale and had a nice time with that individual, today we had a new humpback in the area and named the whale Harlene. It is named after the wife of a passenger who first spotted the fluke on the whale. We had quite the nice time with this individual and soon we headed further out to see if we might have other cetaceans in the area. At the end of our fjord we had quite the surprise when we saw a big blow coming out of the water. There we saw the mighty Fin Whale, the second largest whale in the sea and had a fantastic time with that individual. Very active whale coming up a lot and close to our boat. On our way back we docked the boat in Árskógssandur because of the sea ice and there we had a bus waiting to transport the passenger back to Akureyri. A unique and good day yet again here in our fjord. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir