Thursday, 8th February 2018

Sailing out today on our 1 o‘clock tour was a bit magical, the sun was coming up and it was a delight seeing Eyjafjörður brightening up. It was cold today but our warm overalls, heated saloon and hot drinks available on board kept us warm. We had to sail out close to Hrísey and enjoyed the sightseeing on the way there. First we saw a group of three humpback whales close together and had a nice time with them. We know them all and have named them Perla, Ethan and Vladimir Spoutine. We had a nice encounter with them but in a further distance we saw two spouts and those two are humpback whales we named Giljagaur and Pepper. All of the whales we saw were quite active and coming up close to our boat on all sides. It was quite a joy to spend time with these amazing humpbacks in our fjord today in their natural habitats.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir