Thursday, 2th february 2018

Today our schedule changed and now we are going out at 1 o‘clock. We sailed out the fjord in such a good weather, it was -5 degree Celsius with little wind here in Akureyri but further out the wind increased. We enjoyed the warm suits as well as the saloon and hot drinks available on board. We had to sail quite far out the fjord to find the whales and enjoyed the beautiful landscape Eyjafjörður has to offer on our way there. North of Hrísey we noticed a spout coming out of the water so we sailed there and encountered four amazing humpback whales very close together. They came up every five minutes to breath, two to three meters from the boat, and on all sides of our boat. We could get a good look at them and had such an amazing time with these humpbacks. Giljagaur and Pepper were seen close enough so we could identify them, today was yet again a successful day here in our amazing fjord. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir