Monday, 24 December 2018

Today we had a very windy but surprisingly warm day in the Fjord. The ocean was rough and waves didn’t make it any easier to look for cetaceans. After a while of sailing we’ve seen our first blows and that was a Humpback whale. At this point the boat became very rocky and our whale was struggling with waves just as we did. As he was going for long dives, we decided to leave him and head out north to look for more animals. It was the best decision we could’ve made and in less than half an hour we got to the area where we were completely surrounded by Humpback whales. At first we’ve seen a pair of whales moving together, then another one coming towards us and few more in the distance. It is very likely that we have new whale visitors in the Fjord and we could not ask for better Christmas gift. Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Pictures and Text by Ania Wójcik