Saturday, 23 September 2017

Absolutely no words for the tour today. After thirty minutes sailing from Akureyri, we had our first sight, a humpback whale. This whale is our known buddy called "Fjall". Just at the same area, a minke whale showed off.  However, the best moment ever was after these two sightings. As we were sailing north towards the area where we have seen two more humpback whales, suddenly came our best moment: a marvellous group of orcas! Majestic and magnificent animals! There were two big males and also young and very young animals. We believed that this pod was about ten to twelve orcas. But not just to see them was enough, we could testify the orcas hunting harbour porpoises. There were jumps, tail lobbing, underwater activity, and further, we could point out a piece of flesh in an orca's mouth and some blood in the water. Today has been filled with a lot of excitement with this unique encounter with orcas in Eyjafjördur. 
Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.