Sunday, 6 August 2017

We had a good day today in Eyjafjördur with a bit of rain and all sorts of weather ranging from sun to strong periods of rain. Luckily the weather in Iceland is changing rather quickly so that we do not have to battle the elements for too long at a time. Humpback whales made every one of our tours a success. It was really fun to see Donald Hump, Georgio and Cascade surfacing together in the morning and observe our adorable Jackson in the afternoon. Today also marked the return of Montague, one of the smaller humpbacks that we had already seen yesterday. We were also fortunate enough to see a pec and a tail slap. Towards the end of the day the whales got a bit more elusive, so we are ready for tomorrow morning to go out and see what the Eyjafjördur humpbacks are up to then.

Text by Babsi Neubarth and pictures by Guillaume Calcagni