Saturday, 12 August 2017

Weather and sea conditions were just perfect today in the morning: flat seas and fantastic visibility. In the morning tour, we had many sightings of small groups of harbour porpoises. Sailing north in the vicinities of Hjaltery we spotted our first humpback whale "Tattoo". After this encounter, the captain continued sailing north and more three known humpbacks were just waiting for us: "Granade", "Cascade", and "Engelbert". At the way back some seabirds were seen: northern fulmars, arctic skua, and kittiwakes. However, whales, porpoises and sea birds were not the only species we got to admire today; we had a pleasant surprise of a harbour seal on the way back to Akureyri. A great day well spent out at sea. 

Pictures were taken by Guillaume and Manu and text by Manu.