Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brilliant day today, and conditions at sea were very great, especially the waters southern off Hjalteyri. Harbour porpoises were sighted at various locations throughout the journey, normally in small groups of three to five animals. We sailed the fjord northwards, and all onboard could appreciate the beautiful landscape of this area. After spending some time exploring the fjord, we finally found our first cetacean, a minke whale. Just after the minke, we spotted another species of baleen whale, a humpback whale. These were pleasant encounters as all the passengers could detect the differences between these two species of baleen whales. This humpback is already in our catalogue, and it is named "Donald Hump". Heading home more porpoises were once again on display along the fjord, as well northern fulmars and Arctic skuas. It was a good day for sightings. 

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.