Monday, 3 July 2017

The day started with a lot of fun with our Happy and young passengers from the Magic Disney Cruise! We sailed the Eyafjord northwards just enjoying the beautiful landscape with charming fishing villages and farming all way north. Not so far we could spot our first humpback whale called “Giljagaur” (named as one of the thirteen Santa Claus of Iceland). Just some minutes after we saw another humpback known as “Tattoo” and the third whale “Grenade”. They were showing their fluke many times and sometimes we could admire them close to our boat Hólmasól as soon as we stopped. In the afternoon tour, it was fantastic as we could admire six beautiful humpbacks travelling together: “Arnar”, “The Dark Knight”, “Tattoo”, “Jackson”, “Grenade”, “Graffiti” and “Giljagaur”.  Everybody was amazed by the queue of flukes coming one behind another, such a fascinating thing to watch! There was no way to lose any fluke picture. On the next tour of the day we have seen the same whales again, but different group associations. Furthermore, there was a moment that the whale “Giljagaur” came surfacing’s so very close to the boat that all the passengers at the front got truly surprised with the powerful blow. Such an enjoyable day full of humpback’s meetings.

Pictures by Guillaume Calcagni and Tess Hudson, and text by Manu Bassoi.