Saturday, 29 July 2017

We sailed out into the Eyjafjordur in quite cold conditions, with the northern winds giving the air an icy touch. So warm overalls were definitely a requirement during today's tour. Within twenty minutes after leaving the harbour we spotted our first humpback whale and it was one we have seen before, an animal called Donald Hump. Donald decided to come very close up to the boat giving the passengers great views. We encountered Donald again on our way back. After meeting Donald we had to travel for quite a while before encountering more whales. But we spotted three more animals two we were familiar with, Cross stitch and Fjalk, and were able to get close looks at two of them. During our encounters we got to enjoy the `Icelandic rollercoaster`, the boat started moving due to the waves coming from the side, so our passengers had to hold on well while watching the whales. Many of the passengers were brave and stayed outside for most of the tour to get the best pictures of our beautiful whales and the Eyjafjordur.
Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Guillaume Calcagni