Thursday, 27 July 2017

Today we lost the bright sun and tropical temperatures, but what remained to our delight was the flat sea! Only a weak wind coming from the East was blowing on us, so we got peaceful sea conditions. It was such a relaxing sea that the whales napping really hard this morning! All we had to do was to turn off the engines, and let the whales drift toward us, and we got an encounter of a special kind. Two humpback whales were sleeping one meter away from our boat! We were blessed with some sunshine at the same time, so the water got clear enough to allow us to feast our eyes upon the beauty of their full body. The rest of the day went calmly, with the whales getting a little bit busier feeding on the evening. Among our old friends we got to see Fjall, Thor, Cross-Stitch and Noir today, as well some new faces. This summer is magic!

Pictures and text by Guillaume Calcagni