Friday, 21 July 2017

The day started overcast, but the sea was perfectly smooth. In the morning tour, we had some humpback whales, but they were all alone. In the afternoon trip, our first sight was also a humpback whale, but we didn't spend so much time with this animal as it was diving for an extended period. Therefore we had chosen sailing north for more whales. We searched the location near Hjalteyri for some time, and we were fortunate to spot a group of four humpbacks together, and another whale alone. Suddenly, the five animals got together, and we could join a wonderful group of five whales - five flukes in a queue! In the night tour, we had a pleasant surprise of a minke whale as our first sight, followed by groups of two and three humpback whales. Furthermore, we also could see my favourite humpback "Jackson" swimming alone. Everyone was smiling as we headed back to Akureyri.

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.