Thursday, 29 June 2017

Today the wind decided not to show up on the morning tour, which was excellent with such pleasant seas. Just after ten minutes sailing from Akureyri and we spot our first two humpback whales, which we know as "Graffiti" and "Granade". Afterwards, we met again the humpback "Dark Night", who was resting, followed by other two whales: "Jackson" and "Tatoo". In the afternoon, sailing was smooth but progressively became windy, but it was not a problem to meet our first whale, the humpback "Dark Night". The whale was proving to be very hard to watch as it surfaced some distance away from the area it was first seen. We waited for some time and moved towards another humpback that was not far away. The animal was moving slowly and showing the fluke sometimes, which was very appreciated by the passengers, and many beautiful photos were taken by the wonderful fluke of "Tatoo". On the way back, many arctic terns were seen flying across the fjord, with fulmars, arctic skuas, and black headed gull also being seen throughout the trip. Furthermore, there were also some small groups of harbour porpoises in both tours. Once again a very fortunate day.

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.