Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Overcast and raining in the morning, but no wind today in Eyjafjördur. The flat seas were superb for sailing. We sailed towards Hjalteyri again and spotted two groups of humpbacks, one of three whales and the second group of two animals. They were in the same area since yesterday, but today the whales were more active and we could whiteness many pretty flukes. However, the best moment in the morning was when we were heading back to Akureyri, and just close to the city we could see two minke whales. One minke was breaching, and the second whale was slowly swimming as we passed by the harbour.  In the afternoon we had an extraordinary moment with harbour porpoises coming close to the vessel's bow, the front part of the boat, when it was stopped (engines off) while we were watching and admiring a humpback whale nearby. The porpoises also went close to the whale. We sure were happy to see it! Again a very fun day with the Eyjafjördur humpbacks, minkes, and harbour porpoises.

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.