Monday, 29 May 2017

Today we had a lovely time with our Eyjafjord humpbacks on two tours. In the morning we could enjoy mirror like sea on our RIB boat Solfar II and in the afternoon we were glad to have shelter from the rain on our cozy boat Skrudur. Easterly winds made sailing really pleasant today and overall we saw 5 humpback whales on the morning tour and 4 in the afternoon. Jackson, Manu, Rogue and Sai were the individuals we encountered many times. Especially Rogue really showed us what ‘it’ got. It breached right in front of the boat to our all surprise and performed a wonderful tail slap. After that excitement we loved to enjoy some ‘quite time’ with Sai and Manu which seemed to be just resting only meters away from the boat, while our engines were off. Great nature and great whales surely made it a great day here in Eyjafjördur.

Pictures and text by Babsi Neubarth