Sunday, 14 May 2017

The weather was cold and overcast which felt like we are not in Spring anymore, mainly if compared with last week. However, we were very excited to get out on the water today after the amazing encounter yesterday where a humpback whale was found in very shallow waters. As we traveled north many birds were in the area, and a blow was seen. It was a humpback whale, swimming very calm but diving deep and staying a long time underwater. Therefore we decided to continue sailing northwards searching for other whales. As we passed Hjalteyri, there we saw many, but many long-tailed ducks and arctic terns on the east side of the fjord. Soon a blow could be spotted in the same area, a humpback whale. Again the cetacean was in very shallow waters, less than 2 meters depth, what seemed that it could be feeding. It was an amazing picture with so many birds, the whale and the beautiful landscape. We could stay a good time appreciating this "natural geographic" moment before heading back to Akureyri.
Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.