Sunday, 30 April 2017

Today the sky was dark and overcast, threatening to rain all afternoon. The sea smooth at first, but the swell started to rise as we traveled north. We continued to search all the way to Hrisey and then we received a call from another tour company that a humpback had been seen at the mouth of the fjord. When we approached the whale was below the surface and we spent some time waiting for the whale to surface. We scanned the area further and caught sight of the blow of the humpback whale. It was a few hundred metres from as so we made our way closer slowly but the whale went for a dive and was seen no more. As we started to leave the area, a minke whale was seen moving very slowly and was much easier to watch than the humpback. Due to time constraints we only could watch the minke for a short time before sailing back to Akureyri.