Friday, 28 April 2017

The sea was quite choppy as a result of a strong south easterly wind blowing which meant there were lots of white caps on the water. However sailing was relatively smooth on the journey north as the wind and swell was behind us. Harbour porpoises were spotted underneath diving birds again today, with a small group of 2-3 individuals surfacing and then disappearing as we traveled past. We hadn't seen any cetaceans by the time we reached Hrisey and as we rounded the island and headed back towards Akureyri, the wind and swell was driving waves over the bow of the boat. Conditions worsened quickly with many of the passengers opting to come inside into the warmth. On the south side of the island, brown and arctic skuas were seen harassing a group of black headed gulls. As the conditions were quite rough it meant trying to spot wildlife had become very difficult. We arrived back in Akureyri without seeing any large cetaceans and therefore issued complimentary tickets.