Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pictures by Megan Whittaker and text by Mike Smith
Whale Watching Tour: 13:00
Today's tour felt slightly warmer than yesterdays whilst in the harbour but soon became the coldest at sea, with freezing winds driving into the fjord from the north west. This meant sea conditions were a little choppy, especially closer to the mouth of the fjord. Harbour porpoises were once again sighted within close proximity to Akureyri and at various locations throughout the journey. Usually seen in groups of two to three individuals. We had been informed that a humpback whale was found far beyond the fjord and a minke whale near Hrisey, but was being very difficult to spot. As conditions and time prevented us from searching for the humpback, we focused on the minke and moved slowly through the area. After spending some time searching with no luck we decided to head back. Conditions were much smoother heading home and porpoises were once again on display nearer the city. Complimentary tickets were awarded as no large cetaceans had been seen.