Thursday, 16 March 2017

11:00 Whale Watching
A snowy morning, beautiful to see but a pain to shovel off the boats. We all pitched in with a smile on our faces as there has been very little snow in Akureyri this winter, we were rather happy to see it. Northerly winds on todays tour chilled us to the bone so we were all happy to have a nice warm indoor saloon and a warm hot chocolate. The Eyjafjord humpbacks were unfortunately somewhere else and no cetaceans were seen. We still enjoyed the scenery and the birdlife; eider ducks, long-tailed ducks, kittiwakes, fulmars and black guillemots. We offered our passengers complimentary tickets in the hope they can come again in the next two years with better luck. The weather looks very good tomorrow so we hope to have more success then. 
21:00 Northern Lights
CANCELLED  - Due to overcast conditions