Thursday, 9 March 2017

Whale Watching: It was a cold morning in Eyjafjordur today, but our comfy boat and warm overalls made sure to relieve us from that. We set sail on a calm sea, but the further we ventured, the jumpier the trip became. The wind was coming from the North, so when we approached Hrisey island, the swell was quite rough. By then we had to turn around and start to head back to Akureyri. With deep disappointments we handed complimentary tickets tour our passengers, as the main sightings of today were a coupe of common guillemots and some either ducks. Better luck next time!

Northern Lights: For our northern lights cruise, the weather got a bit better with less wind, but still chilly temperatures. When we departed the sky was full of clouds so we sailed toward the North for a while, hoping to find clearance in the sky as it was predicted on the weather forecast. The duration of the cruising was used in helping everybody with their camera settings but sadly this turned out to be vain, as the clouds never went away. Only at the end of the trip, when we reached the harbour, there was a crack in the sky and we could see some stars. The weather played a cruel prank on us tonight and we did not get any chance to spot the lights, so we offered complimentary tickets to our guests.

- Guillaume Calcagni