Friday, 24 February 2017

Pictures and Text by Megan Whittaker
Whale Watching 11:00
The calm before the storm. We decided to head out early this morning, leave at 9am instead of 11am to get a head of the on coming storm. We sailed out and saw a lot of different bird species: Iceland Gulls, glaucous gulls, cormorants, red-breasted mergansers, red-throated divers, long-tailed ducks, eider ducks, northern fulmars and kittiwakes. Near to these birds passengers spotted a harbour porpoise, surfacing fast and only a few got to see it. A harbour seal was also spotted very close to the boat but again as soon as we stopped it, it disappeared. We were getting close to the island of Hrísey but this time closer to the east coast than we usually were and almost about to turn around until suddenly we spotted a black back and a tail rising out of the water, HUMPBACK WHALE!!! Close to Grenivik. It wasn´t doing very long dives so we were about to see it surface a few times. Finally on the last dive it was in the right position to get the ID shot and found out that it was the same individual as the one seen on February 4th. Must have been in the fjord a while but did find it. These whales can be very sneaky. We got back to the harbour and dropped of the passengers and quickly moved the vessel to a more protected, sheltered area before the storm hit. We got back just in time.

Northern Lights 21:00
CANCELLED - Due to storm