Sunday, 05 November 2017

Text and Photographs by Megan Whittaker

The morning started by clearing as much snow of the boat as possible. A hard task as there was a lot of snow.  We sailed out with few passengers but luckily the whales were still there to entertain. Roughly in the same area on the east coast opposite Hörgárdalur.  5 humpback whales were encountered feasting on the plentiful food available and they were all separated today , enjoying some alone times, roughly a few 100m to 1-2 km apart. First was Harley Dafinson, then Miso and Tough Pella, both roughly in the same area with a few 100m apart. Then Max further to the west and lastly Pepper. Awesome to see they were still around and hopefully they will stay here for a while. It was very windy and the snow was flying into our eyes on the way back and when heading south to the whales, the storm was coming and so we ended our tour a bit earlier than usual. Still an amazing tour! so beautiful with the sun shining than the stunning snow covered scenery.