Friday, 03 November 2017

Text and Photographs by Megan Whittaker

The first snow fall in the town this season, with a crisp air it was cold and windy but extremely beautiful. We had a nice smooth ride in the narrow well sheltered fjord and once again did not need to go far. Miso the humpback was the first to be found after about 30 minutes sailing, Miso is a easily recognisable fluke, completely black with few white scars. Then another 5km further north, same individual as yesterday but with no name yet. Harley Dafinson and an individual with very bad propellor scars we have now named ´Tough Pella´ were still together obviously enjoying each others company and Max was the last and 5th humpback whale to encounter just south of Hjalteyri. Max is a November whale seen also here last year. Winter has definitely arrived in Akureyri. So if you came to Iceland to see some snow and whales, get up here to Akureyri.