Monday, 27 November 2017

A freezing wind did blow in the fjord today, but our comfortable overalls helped us battle the chill. We went out on a tour at 12 o'clock on our boat Hólmasól to search for cataceans. We had a smooth ride but it took us a while to get to the whales but once we did we found alot of them about 10 in totall and we had a nice time with them. Athos, Arnar, Tough Pella, Max, Cosmo, Jackson, Blowromir, Manu and D'Artagan keept us company as we came to visit them. In the distance we saw many blows but unfortunatly we had to get back as the time was running out. Even though we had a cold day everybody on board was happy with seeing the whales in their natural habitats. 

Text by Anna Gunnarsdóttir and pictures by Babsi Neubarth