Saturday, 11 November 2017

We had a great day at sea today and so much activity in the nature today. Soon in our tour we started encountering humpbacks. 
There were at least 9 individuals that we encountered today, several of those we consider our friends and we could identify.  The ones we could identify were Dexy, Tough Pella, Harley Dafinson, Miso, Lopapeysa and Athos. There were at least two whales that we have not named yet. 
There was such a great activity with those whales that you could turn in almost every direction and spot a humpback, some of them very close and others in the distance.

After having had a blast with the humpbacks we got word of White beaked dolphins a little bit further out in the fjord and took to that direction. 
We had a fantastic encounter with the dolphins, they were very playful and came very close to the boat as you can see in the pictures.
This was actually our first encounter with the dolphins in Eyjafjörður since May 2017.

Text by Halla Lúthersdóttir, photos by Babsi Neubarth.