Sunday, 8 October 2017

We sailed northwards with extraordinary conditions, there was almost no wind, so the water was glassy as a mirror. About twenty minutes sailing we encountered a minke whale, which was a pleasant surprise as minkes are not so common in the fjord. After, just northern Hjalteri we encountered the humpback whale called "Cascade". The whale was relaxed and just swimming around the boat and showing its fluke several times. Continuing our tour, what a surprise to meet our favourite humpback "Jackson". This humpback was even more relaxed than "Cascade", as we the boat was practically stopped all the time and this whale was moving around us, and sometimes the animal came just beside of the vessel to the surprise of all! The passengers could hear very well the blow of "Jackson" and see its incredible and big pectoral flipper. Moreover, the landscape of the fjord is marvellous now with the snow on the top of the mountains.  What beautiful pictures, from the whales and Eyjafjördur!

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.