Friday 20 October 2017

From morning to afternoon tours we had from a raining to a sunny day, although the most significant weather conditions were smooth seas all the time. In the morning "wet" tour, we could join two groups of two humpback whales. The first one was "Manu" and "Cosmo", the white flukes whale, and the second group was composed by the black flukes of "Misso" and "Jubilee". Returning to the same region in the afternoon, although no more rain, we had few surprises with new humpbacks, came inside the fjord again "Depill" and "Bear". We can not forget our friendly and shy harbour porpoises that there were present in both tours. Returning from the afternoon tour, we were so lucky with a magnificent landscape of snow-covered mountains and the sun shining.

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.