Saturday, 14 January 2017

It would be tempting to say that temperatures got warmer today, as our thermometer displayed a neutral 0°C. We can agree that it's not a lot, but after the -12°C, we gladly took it ! There was a bit of wind out in the fjord, so we were still feeling cold but we had easy sea conditions and excellent visibility, which made us optimistic. Our exploration felt like an eternity due to the freezing air, but our venturing deep in the North was not for naught ! East side of Hrisey, we found a fantastic pod of about 10 white-beaked dolphins ! I would rather say that they found us, as suddenly they popped out of the water and went bow riding in front of the boat. It was such a magical moment ! Our boat being quite low on the sea, passengers could be the closest as possible to the dolphins, and we could keep track of them underwater, following the white color of their bodies close below the surface. The show lasted for 15 minutes, until they seemed to lose interest of us and disappeared into thin air. We then had to go back home, while making sure to scan the sea surface to spot something else. Sadly no other species of cetaceans were found, but the dolphins definitely made our trip.

Pictures and text by Guillaume Calcagni