Monday, 18 July 2016

We were a bit nervous that we might have to sail far out and make our tours longer today because the whales were only seen very far out on the fjord last night. With almost a full boat we set off in the morning, the sky was covered with low clouds; the air was still and sea flat. These are optimal conditions for spotting cetaceans. To our excitement the whales had traveled deeper in the fjord! The whales today seemed tired. They were sleeping/logging, that is when they float and rest on the surface looking like a log. On the 13 o’clock tour the clouds disappeared so it felt warm with the sun shining on us. The whales were waking up and were seen feeding and traveling. The 17 o’clock tour was cancelled so few of the crew decided to use the time off in a hot tub close to shore in the fjord. We were able to spot blows of humpbacks from that area! Now we knew where to look for them on our midnight tour.