Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The wind had picked up today from the north, quite chilly as we traveled towards the mouth of the fjord. The venture was long on the morning tour, traveled for over an hour, past Hrísey to where we finally found a humpback whale. the afternoon tour we were luckier, finding a humpback whale south of Hjalteyri and we weren´t surprised to find that it was one of our awesome regularly sighted humpbacks called ´bad fluker´ we are considering to change it´s name now to ´Awesome Fluker´ as it surfaced many times but traveling fast and constantly changed direction in a feeding frenzy. The whale was incredible and even came towards us and surfaced just meters from the vessel. Windy and cold but productive day with humpback whales educate us.

  • Megan Whittaker