Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunny day in Eyjafjörður! The sun was shining as a proper good day in summer after a week of clouds and fog. Some beautiful white cotton clouds were painting the clear blue sky, and the fjord was calm as a lake reflecting every detail from the amazing landscape. Some blows could be spotted after Hjalteyri already few miles away from the boat, perfect conditions to see some cetaceans. The humpback whales were like the weather, very chill and relax, in one occasion one of the humpbacks just surfaced few meters away from the boat, we could hear clearly the breath out and in of the animal at the same time we could follow it through the clear water surface thanks to the completely white pectorals fins that the humpback whales have in the north Atlantic, then you understand why some people call them “angels of the sea”. We even had a surprise visitor in the fjord today; there was a curious harbour seal that popped its head out of the surface looking at us with the round big eyes! What a wonderful day to start the week.

  • Alejandro García

  • Pictures: Charlie Frank Lavin