Sunday, 30 July 2017

The weather was overcast and cold, though we were very inspired to get out on the water to watch our magnificent humpback whales. During the morning tour as we travelled north, two blows were seen and we sighted our first humpbacks. We already know these two whales, "Donald Hump" and "Cross Stitch". In the afternoon tours these two whales were still together, and we spotted two other groups of two humpbacks each. The cetaceans were more active and also showing their fluke many times, which was very appreciated by the passengers onboard. Furthermore, there was a moment that some harbour porpoises just swam close to the bow of the boat, and everyone could see how cute and small are these tiny porpoises. Despite the weather, a nice day in Eyjafjördur.

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.