Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Today we were again departing from Dalvik, but again, it was totally worthy this extra bus ride. On all of our tours we enjoyed amazing weather and of course whales in beautiful scenery. Mouth of fjord was busy with feeding animals: birds, humpback whales and even white-beaked dolphins. In average we saw 4 humpback whales each tour and a small pod of dolphins. Humpbacks were going for deep dives, lifting high tails and coming back with big blows. It was sometimes bit tricky to keep up with them but all that waiting and searching was rewarded. One of the whales seen today was ”Dark Knight”, it’s good to have old friend back again.

Departures today: CLASSIC: 9, 13 & 17 EXPRESS: 10, 14, 16 & 21

Text by Ewa Malinowska and pictures by Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan