Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A exceptional day on the fjord today, our first tour was at 10 on the super speedy rib boats, only 4 minutes after leaving harbour we were already watching cetaceans! A marvelous minke whale popped up and we were able to watch this wonderful whale for sometime as it surfaced all around us. We then headed further out and spotted two more minke whales on the way out. It was humpbacks galore today as 5-6 individuals were surfacing at a range of distances. Our favorite whale of the moment, Moonshine, delighted us with some wonderful close encounters. A new whale now called Raven also wowed us with some beautiful fluking. On our 13 classic tour the cetaceans did not disappoint, numerous harbour porpoises popped up throughout the tour, as well as more minkes and of course the beautiful humpbacks. There will never be a boring day in Eyjafjörður.

Pictures by Ania Wojcik and text by Tess Hudson