Sunday, 24 February 2019

Today’s tour felt alomst like summer when we sailed out in one of the warmest days of February having completely flat ocean conditions again. Usually we start the tour from saying few basic informations about safety and what we have on board but this time we didn’t even manage to finish that speech as we found our first and only whale today right behind the industrial part of Akureyri harbor. The whale was busy feeding and we even had a chance to observe a special feeding technique that we call “lounge feeding” - quite rare to see and made our tour as he did that several times. Our fish-finder device was showing lots of food in the area so after few surfacing of this whale we decided to head out north to see if we may have more animals in the Fjord but didn’t succeed in finding them - we spotted lots of birdlife and enjoyed Eyafjordur landscape on the way, eventually coming back to our first whale to spent some more time with him. This individual we know quite well, although it doesn’t have a name yet, we’ve been seeing him a lot both in January and February and once even breaching! He’s definitely one of our favourites this winter.

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik