Monday, 10 September 2018

Monday fog day! Akureyri woke up to a foggy bay but everything lifted rather quickly, to the point that it was all gone by 9.30am. We headed northwards to find some whale and stubbled upon Jackson just south of Hjalteyri. We spent a good amount of time with Jackson until we decided to head towards the eastern bank of the fjord to try to find other whales. Unfortunately we did not find any others. The afternoon tour was slightly more successful because we found both Jackson and Mariner feeding in the same area. Both we very busy diving and coming back up to the surface. Sometimes together, sometimes out of synch but always giving us a good show of flukes! The sun showed and the wind was very limited. All the perfect conditions for a nice day on the fjord! Come and join us soon! 

Text and photos by Liza Roger.