Monday, 27 August 2018

Dolphinatly an exceptional day to be out on the fjord. The sun was shining and the sea conditions were just perfect, completely flat and a joy to be sailing on. The stars of today were definitely the Pilot whales, 30-40 of which swam in to the fjord early this morning and were frolicking about in Akureyri harbour! They didn´t stay there very long though and made their way out the fjord throughout the day but we managed to get a fantastic look at them on our tours. As far as we know pilot whales have never before been seen here in Eyjafjörður so we were incredibly lucky to see them. Not only were the Pilot whales out in the masses but also on our tours both minke whales and humpback whales were spotted. Our familiar humpies were out to entertain us including: Jackson, Aretha Frankfin, Marina, Depill, Van gogh, Harley Davfinson and Albert. A fluketatsic day to be out on the water.

Pictures and Text by Tess Hudson