Monday, 9 July 2018

The theme of the day was wind, but with the sun shining everything is easier! The whales have been congregating north of Hrìsey the last few days and today was the same. So it took us some time to get to them but once we did the show was on!  We spotted five humpback whales, two pairs and one solo swimmer. All the whales appeared to be swimming southwards. Lovely morning with peaceful encounters. The afternoon was slightly windier and only one humpback whale was spotted but it was tail slapping the surface of the water. All the whales seen today are new to the fjord so we need new names. Inbox us with your suggestions. Some passengers suggested The Breach Brother - John and Dan (after The Blues Brothers). The sail back took a while also as we were heading into the strong southern wind and hitting the crest of some big waves. All safe was on dry land and ready for some more whale adventures!

Text and photos by Liza Roger