Saturday, 7 June 2018

Another day of crazy Icelandic weather today! Rain, sun, clouds, than sun again and rain another time. Strong wind for few hours and than calm sea again. All the elements seem to get crazy, but nothing would discourage us from sailing outside and finding our beautiful humpbacks! In these days they seem to prefer the area around Hrisey, so the the trips have been a bit longer than usual, but the reward was there, and it has been incredible! Once we got in the area over 10 whales were around us, diving and coming at the surface with regular intervals, clearly feeding all around. And surprise surprise, today we also got blessed to find a mummy with her calf, swimming and diving side by side. They finally arrived after a long migration from the their breeding grounds, probably in the Caribbean Sea or in the area around Cape Verde, and we couldn't be happier with giving them a big welcome to Iceland.


Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino