Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Sunshine! Another beautiful day on Eyjafjordur! Very little wind this morning but slightly stronger this afternoon (some white caps on the fjord) with the mist rolling in from the ocean. The morning trip had a nice peaceful encounter with a small humpback whale after cruising beside some harbor porpoises. The whale was seen just before the small port of Hjalteyri, where the Horga river goes into the fjord. We were unable to identify this individual because it did not fluke once, probably due to its small size. This afternoon got a little more exciting because the first humpback whale we encountered was breaching! It then rolled on its side and started slapping the surface of the water with its pectoral fin.. like it was waving at us or expecting a high-5! This individual did fluke (show the underside of its tail) but we haven´t met before, therefore we haven't named it yet (suggestions welcome!). We later moved into the fog, further north, to check out another humpback whale. This one did not breach but came much closer to the boat to say Hi. Since this individual also fluke nicely but isn't in our whale catalog either, we could not identify it (we need another name!). All in all, a great day on the waters of Eyjafjordur with three different humpback whales and an amazing display of ocean life!    Happy trails..


Text and photo by Liza Roger