Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Icelandic National Day! Happy Independence Day!
The fjord waters were a real delight this morning: no wind, sunshine. The perfect whale watching conditions! We were lucky to spot a minke whale very near the harbour. It was feeding in the middle of a flock of northern fulmars. We spotted it multiple times before heading further north to look for humpbacks. And we did! About a third of the way out from the harbour we spotted three humpbacks feeding together. Two of them were swimming in concentric circles, progressively getting the fish and plankton in a tight ball in the centre. They eventually met in the middle to feast of the fruit of their labour! One of them was the lovely and now very often spotted Depill (spots in Icelandic). The afternoon tour was slightly rougher with the rain sweeping in on us and the wind picking up but we managed to meet up with the three humpback whales seen on the morning tour. Smiles all the way!

Text and photos by Liza Roger