Sunday, 10 June 2018

Today since the number of passengers was not so high, we could go out for theclassic trips with our smaller boat Konsull. This boat is a bit more speedy and agile of the others, making easier to approach our whales. In the morning the sea was very calm and still, and we were blessed with the sightings of 7 beautiful humpack whales feeding, with so many arctic terns all around them. Such a peaceful and amazing scenery! In the afternoon the wind started blowing a bit stronger and as well our whales looked more active. We found again all the 7 of them, but this time a big splashed a bit more in the distance surprised us! One of the whales gave us a wonderful show, breaching and pec slapping many times. It is a new individual from this year, called Viserion, and we hope it will stay around a bit longer because it is already a super star for us!:) Check out the pictures of the day!


Text and pictures by Albert Camara and Annalisa Sambolino