Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Today we sailed out in pretty windy conditions, within the harbour there were lots of waves and whitecaps. But once we entered the Eyjafjordur conditions were very nice the water was calm and especially during the afternoon tour the sun came out and it was warm. No need to wear the overalls today.
During our first tour we encountered our first humpback whale within 30 minutes sailing. The whale was feeding on the small fish in the fjord, moving around a lot only coming up for quick breaths often very close to the boat. At some point the whale even rolled to its side to feed, so we saw the belly of the animal. When observing this humpback whale there were many birds around such as Artic terns and northern fulmars and even a few shy harbour porpoises approached our boat while chasing their food. This gave us the chance to get some nice close up views of these small beautiful animals. During the afternoon tour we had to travel out a bit further to once again encounter the same whale we saw during the morning and another individual called Depill.

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Liza Roger